Kayla Grey  N+RC 

 I would say running and I  have a love-hate relationship. When I want to , I could sprint. I  would , however,   fail miserably at running for an extended amount of time while keeping up  a consistent pace. So far in 2016 I've been really trying to make exercise a top priority in my schedule. Heavy emphasis on "TRYING". I go to a boot camp around three to four times a week. The classes are structured to building up your strength . While I enjoy my time at the gym, I want to start adding endurance training into my routine.  What better ( or cheaper) way to work on your endurance than running ? Plus,  there is  no better time to run than when it is nice and warm outside.


A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a weekly Nike Run Club alongside  other members  in media. I spent ( wasted)  a good  ten  minutes coming up with excuses in my head as to why I shouldn't  do it. Excuses such as schedule, fear of injury, failing ect. The brain does that sometimes ( I'm working on it ). I REACHED for reasons  until I finally  asked myself  why not? Nothing. My brain does that too . I had no valid reason to not give another form of sweating my weave out a shot.   This summer,  I realized it was time to " just do it " ( all pun in its corny glory intended) . Give my relationship with running another try and see if we could work it out this time.  





  Week 1 was a great introduction for me  . Guess what ? I didn't die. Pacers KC and Mark  took us through various techniques and form for properly excelling during a run . Methods that  are absolutely crucial when it comes to taking the necessary steps to  prevent injury . 


We were also welcomed to the updated Nike+ Run Club App which is a total game changer for me . It includes adaptable programs and coaching to help you reach your specific running goals. My schedule is all over the place so to have something that's very adaptable and easily accessible  is crucial. My favourite feature on the app is the Nike+ feed that connect's Nike's global community . Kind of like a runners Facebook,  it's a  fun way to enable runners  to motivate,  push and keep each other in check even when you're not in the same city.


Overall it was a good  way to get back into the swing of things. I can't wait to see the progress made in the coming weeks. 

Let me know where your favourite trails in Toronto are in the comments below !