Fall is here .......and hopefully here to stay for some time. This season,  I decided that I was going to TRY to go a little bit out of my comfort zone and punch up my on-air closet with a bit of print, embroidery, and embellishment.Emphasis on a bit.I can be daring when it comes to my wardrobe but when it comes to shopping, the one thing that I can't stand is falling in love with items that I know will probably make me cringe in a couple of years. The risk that comes with chasing trends. So my advice is to stick with what you know to start as you gradually dip your feet in -- ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ON A BUDGET. I refuse to play myself. 



Happy place 🏀

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I found this embroidered dotted mesh dress from Zara ( of course). It's black, I know but BABY-STEPS remember. If you're someone like me, taking it up a could be red-lips, a royal blue clutch or some red heels. The best part about sticking with what you know when it comes to a colour-scheme is enabling a ton of options for accents.