Last month, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the Nike Brahaus which is exclusively located in the Hudson's Bay on Queen street. I usually opt for high-intensity classes when it comes to working out so ensuring I am wearing a bra that can keep my boobs in check are a major key. Nothing erks me more than having to constantly readjust my bra during a workout because of discomfort. From time to time I like to take off my top in the gym.Hey man, it is what it is. If you sweat as much as I do, you understand the struggle. I've been rocking Nike sports bras for some time and haven't been let down yet so when I got the opportunity to check out the new selection, I was very excited.


Kayla Grey at the Nike BraHaus opening at Hudson's Bay 

Kayla Grey at the Nike BraHaus opening at Hudson's Bay 

 When we arrived we got the chance to pick out the bra that would suit the kind of workouts we usually go for. Naturally,  I went with the Pro Rival High support bra. When it came to customizing, I went with " I run my world".



Once the night was over, we had an early morning firestarter class at the Equinox to put our new bras to the test. A 30-minute class that will hand your ass back to you once it is done? My kind of jam.Trust me, there was a lot of jumping and plyo work involved and I didn't have to pause to correct or adjust.


We also got a chance to try out the new Metcon 3s. I've been holding off on writing this post ( sorry) because I wanted to give the shoe a fair chance and a couple of workouts of use. For inside training, they're fantastic. Super comfortable and light-weight. I would say that the base of the shoe is a flat so I wouldn't run in these outside for an extended amount of time.