On February 22nd, Adidas introduced the  New UltraBOOST X to the running market. I was lucky enough to try out a pair before the release date and am really impressed with how they've faired so far. Weather permitting, I try to run at 5-10 k twice a week. I have really bad knees so it is VERY important that my shoes give me the right kind of support when I am running for extended periods of time. What I like the most about the shoe is that after a few wears it molds and adapts to arch of your foot. For me, this is a huge help in decreasing the amount of impact my knees feel as I land on each stride. One thing I am also a fan of is how breathable the primeknit is. 

Update: I got these shoes back in February and when it comes to durability, I am impressed. I've taken these guys on 5-7ks mostly and they way they have molded to the shape of my foot is incredible. I was a little iffy on the bounce of the shoe as I have pretty bad knees and I haven't felt any kind of discomfort. 







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