It’s been almost 30 years since Nike shook up the game with a  visible air-cushion on the side of a shoe.


The Nike Air Max – joints that I had no business buying back in the day, but the four months of saving up my lunch money just to stunt down the halls of my middle school was all worth it (in my mind).At a time where the shoe  (the 90s especially) became more and more personalized to compliment style, one would overlook how integral it was in advancing Nike Air technology.Having a chance to see the release timeline dating back to ’87, one word that immediately comes to mind is evolution. Always looking for ways to get better. Knowing that a product will still sell if you leave it as is but instead, choosing to call bs or your own bs and keep pushing the limits. A philosophy that I live by and look for in brands such as Nike.


Nike VaporMax 

Nike VaporMax 

The story of innovation leads us up to 2017: The Nike VaporMax. Seven years in the making and this is the closest that Nike has gotten to creating a shoe that makes you feel as though you are running on air.

Four ounces lighter than any other Nike Air running silhouette, I can tell you that the shoe is as advertised. I’ve been running in these shoes for the last three months and can’t get over how stupid lightweight they are. The less is more approach to the new midsole successfully achieves added spring and flexibility. Another thing that I love about these shoes is the insane grip and traction... ‘cause a girl could get a little overzealous when running suddenly feels like bouncing on clouds. I haven’t pushed the distance in these guys yet because I’m not sure if I trust my knees -- but overall would definitely recommend giving these a go.